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Hey! This blog is all about learning new ways to make money online with or without investment.

Earn Money By App is a blog where we review all the unique and top best apps available on Playstore and App Store which can really help you to earn some extra money sitting at home. we are a team of a few people(Aman Solanki & Team). we first use that particular app and after using the app for a few weeks if we found it unique and useful for people like you, we decide to give a detailed review about the App, and also give information about the best apps which can help you to earn some real money.

Hey Friends! I’m Aman Solanki, AKA Amy, I live in New Delhi, By Profession, and I’m an experienced Digital Marketer specialized in e-commerce & Marketing. I have experience of more than 3 years in digital marketing and 2 years in Shopify dropshipping & e-commerce. And by Education, I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from the University School of Information, Communication, & Technology (GGSIPU) New Delhi.

“Early School”
Like every other child, I was not much good at my studies in my early school life 😜, I was just an average student who just focus only on passing marks. But Yes, I was a tech-savvy guy who loves Tech and Internet Things. So when I was in 8th, I was busy making a Drone through the motor of my broken remote control car and other household waste. This interest leads me to pursue the Engineering field. So after high school, I have done my B.tech in 2018 and now I’m working in a Delhi-based Startup.

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