10 Best Ludo Earning Apps That Offer Big Rewards 

None would say no to more cash, especially when it can be earned through online gaming. You require a source of income to be financially independent whether you are a student or unemployed.

Making money online has many advantages since it enables you to achieve financial stability and provides you with the importance of managing your time and hard-earned money.

If you enjoy playing video games, the Best Ludo Earning Apps can help you with achieving these objectives.

Since the game’s inception, Ludo has been one of the most played board games. These days, you may access it online and compete against others while making money.

Yes, by using the, best ludo earning app you may earn money whenever and anywhere you want.

In this article, we will be going to suggest you the top 10 best ludo earning apps. The Ludo application will let you earn unlimited money and provide you with unique features. So, let the game begin.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Favorite Ludu Game Application– Best Ludo Earning Apps

While installing the best ludo earning app, it is essential to take several factors into account to receive the best outcomes. To get more about the same, continue reading: 

User Interface (UI) 

The first thing you’ll notice after installing the best ludo earning app is the user interface. Make sure the application is easy to navigate and has a visually appealing design.

The game’s images and visuals must be of the highest standard and incorporate modern technologies. The content of the application must also be well-studied to allow users to quickly and easily grasp any gaming-related information.

Supports Multi Platforms

Not everyone owns an Apple smartphone; the same applies to Android devices. Developers must take into account that everyone has distinct preferences. As a result, you as a user will have access to the applications across several platforms. No customer is required to possess a unique mobile device to play a game.

Bonuses and Rewards

Referral rewards are always beneficial. You must convince someone you know to download the application after you suggest it to them to be eligible for this bonus. After they fulfill the task, a specific amount is transferred to your wallet, which you may use to pay for your gaming charges.

Multiple Language Support

Another aspect to take into account before installing the best ludo earning app is inclusiveness. Developers should frequently provide support for several languages to help players whose native tongue is not English. In this manner, individuals can toggle between their chosen languages and take full advantage of the game.

Customer Support

Service to customers is a crucial component of every business, and online gaming is no exception. No matter how widely popular a game application is, there will always be technical difficulties. It is typical. Not having a customer service team to help players is inappropriate. Ensure sure that the application you chose provides active and 24/7 support.

Top 10 Best Ludo Earning Apps that Will Boost Your Income

The best Ludo earning apps that are extremely popular in India are listed here.

1. Ludo Supreme – Best Ludo Earning Apps

ludo supreme gold apk 2023 Best Ludo Earning Apps

One of the greatest and most renowned classic video games of all time, Ludo, has an Android version called Ludo Supreme. You can play this game against artificial intelligence (AI), a random player pool, or your friends and family if you so desire.

The Ludo Supreme games will be simple if you have played Ludo previously. You may enjoy this simple, enjoyable, and strategic board game anytime you want. However, you can only begin your journey after you have sufficient credits.

You may obtain them by, among other things, watching advertisements or downloading more apps. The best feature about this game is that you can earn real cash and if you continue to play this game then daily/weekly bonuses also allow you to win extra cash.

Several options are available, depending on the participant’s preferences and level of willingness to take risks. Participants choose the tournament they wish to compete in and pay money to their virtual wallets before starting Ludo Supreme. The game begins once there are enough participants in the competition. 

2. Elite Ludo – Best Ludo Earning Apps

Elite Ludo Best Ludo Earning Apps

One of Avrlite Games Pvt. Ltd.’s visionary gaming initiatives is Elite Ludo. The program gives users quick withdrawals of their winnings and significant real-time earning opportunities.

The platform is much more than just a collection of dice games that you may play. The fact that you can play against genuine people in real-time is the biggest feature of this app. 

Elite Ludo referral code Best Ludo Earning Apps

Referral code: 36RW4MRD

There are many unique features offered by this application like Totally safe Lucrative ways to make money, Quick withdrawals, No phony players, several players, and Promote and Win rewards. 

This platform does not allow bogus players to participate in the games, which makes it one of the most prominent Ludo earning applications in India.

You may input the referral code after downloading the app to be eligible for the Rs. 5 sign-up bonus, which will be deposited to your bank account or Paytm wallet.

Since the minimum gameplay is worth Rs. 25, you will need to contribute an additional Rs. 20 to your wallet. The more people you bring to this app, the more referral bonuses you will receive (Rs. 5 for each referral).

3. Ludo Empire

The real-money and best Ludo board game app with the highest growth in India is Ludo Empire. With the Ludo app, you can play the game you loved as a kid while also adding the chance to earn real money using only your skills.

You may now play Ludo online in India from any location at any time for real money thanks to its 80+ lakh gamers on the ludo empire game.

You may play games of many kinds, from card games to board games to fantasy games, on one of the top gaming platforms, Empire Games, which includes Ludo Empire.

It is a website where players may play games for real money. All of the games are skill-based, so players must have a knack for gaming and strong analytical abilities.

4. Gamezy Ludo Application – Best Ludo Earning Apps

gamezy app Best Ludo Earning Apps

The Gamezy Ludo app, which is promoted by “KL Rahul,” is a popular sports fantasy application that provides a variety of cricket and football leagues in addition to ludo, poker, rummy, snakes & ladder, and other games.

this is one of the best ludo earning apps available. Users of fantasy sports are given a variety of promotions, discounted entries, live fantasy leagues, and many other advantages.

This is one of the uncommon applications that offer withdrawals with a minimum of just 25Rs. As a result, even if you invest less, you won’t need to worry about withdrawals.

Gain access to immediate or quick withdrawals in your Paytm wallet, which is not currently possible in other sports fantasy applications. However, your Paytm wallet must undergo KYC verification using the Gamezy app’s registered phone number.

The Gamezy app offers a choice of leagues that are best suited for little to large amount investors, ranging in price from 3Rs to Rs 5999. The Gamezy app offers a choice of leagues that are best suited for little to large amount investors, ranging in price from 3Rs to Rs 5999.

The withdrawals have a lot of positive aspects. The first is the smallest withdrawal amount offered by any sports fantasy software, at just 25 Rs.

5. Ludo League

Best Ludo Earning Apps

One of the most played board games in India is Ludo. Everybody remembers playing the Ludo game as a kid with family and friends. All Indians consider it to be the greatest and most enjoyable indoor game.

For the first time in Indian history, Ludo League makes an online real-money Ludo game available on smartphones. You can play the cherished childhood game of Ludo from the ease of your residence and play with millions of online players while earning money.

The experience you receive from Ludo League is identical to that of your offline Ludo game, with the addition of several Ludo game types, 24-hour game tables, the greatest payment methods, and immediate 24-hour money withdrawals into your Paytm wallet.

So play these types of best Ludo earning apps and games you loved as a youngster on Ludo League online with brand-new Ludo game editions and get money while having a blast. Face off against India’s top Ludo players and demonstrate your skills by winning.

6. Ludo Ninja – Best Ludo Earning Apps

ludo ninja apk logo

A mobile internet Ludo game powered by Zupee Ludo is called Ludo Ninja. By playing Ludo Ninja, you could earn actual cash in that. One of the popular Ludo games is called Ludo Ninja. It may be played on the Zupee Ludo App as well.

Two methods exist for making money with the Ludo Ninja App. You can first win money by playing Ludo online, and you can then make money by getting others to use the application.

You might make cash by enjoying the Ludo game, but to do so, you must only be proficient at the game so that you can use the app effectively and earn money.

You can also earn money by using refer and earn program of this application. This is a hassle-free method of making money with the Ludo Ninja App.

Simply visit the Refer and Earn area, copy the sharing link, and share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram to start earning rewards every time someone installs this app using your link.

7. Ludo King

ludo king apk

The board game Ludo King can be played by four players. Ludo used to be thought of as an indoor game. But with technology, you can now play Ludo with people who are thousands of kilometers away. All you have to do is download these such kinds of best ludo earning apps to your iOS or Android device.

The main screen of the Ludo King Game App, which offers 4 game-play choices, is its finest feature. Play on a desktop or laptop, play with others, or simply pass and play.

You may choose from the Classic or Popular games in Play Online, where a random participant from across the world will be paired up with you. It entails engaging in play with an unfamiliar person. 

You may make your own exclusive space via the Participate with Friends option and invite your friends to participate by sending them the code or link via social media.

If you’re not in the mood to play with other people, you may play with your system in an offline mode. If you want to engage in a board game with your family or friends, Pass N Play is the finest option. 

8. Ludo Fantasy – Best Ludo Earning Apps

ludo fantasy

VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd.’s dream gaming project is titled Ludo Fantasy. An Indian startup company is called Ludo Fantasy. Since its establishment in February 2019, LudoFantasy has been expanding at an amazing rate under the guidance of a skilled management group.

This game may be played with real-world companions as well as internet ones. The most captivating game is Ludo Fantasy, which provides immediate withdrawals and the ability to win money in real time.

It’s not only a dice game; it also requires careful preparation and a master strategy to play. The company offers its own customer and technical assistance that is available around the clock to all participants.

Try Quick Match Mode if you wish to play multiple games at once and earn money by doing so. To earn more money, invite more friends. You can also play the practice match feature.

This function is ideal for those who are new to the Ludo mobile game. You may get a feel for the real-time Ludo Fantasy game by using this feature. So go exploring today!

9. Ludo Tez – Best Ludo Earning Apps

The Ludo Tez app shares certain similarities with the Ludo Ninja and Ludo Supreme Gold apps. First off, similarly, to Ludo Tez, both of these applications were first made available on the Google Play Store.

Additionally, Ludo Tez’s gameplay is quick and uses points to determine the winner. On this app, you may play Ludo to get money.

Just Rs. 15 is required as the minimum to seek a withdrawal. There is no need for KYC to withdraw the prize money to your bank account by UPI or electronic transfer.

To withdraw money, Select the Wallet tab. Select Send to Bank. Enter the amount you wish to redeem after adding a bank account or UPI ID. To withdraw money, choose a payment option and press it.

10. Skill Ludo – Not Available Now!

Another Ludo app that lets you play and get paid to do it is called Skill Ludo. You may have enjoyed playing Ludo here while also making money. You will also get a bonus of Rs. 25 if you join this app.

The only drawback of this gambling application is that there is a Rs. 100 minimum withdrawal requirement. Using a referral code received online or from friends will allow you to sign up. Players may also make up to Rs. 20 for each referral. 

This application will bring many unique features like Only 2-player, non-hackable, Ludo game, Fair Play, Earn actual cash, It has some fascinating, new ideas. It also comes with a welcome bonus.


Our ranking of the top 10 the best Ludo Earning Apps in India for 2023 comes to an end with this. Fantasy Ludo is regarded as a skill-based game that has amassed millions of fans throughout the years.

You may play your favorite game on these fantasy Ludo applications and receive wonderful rewards.

Numerous sports fans are heavily active in fantasy tournaments, which is driving the growth of the fantasy gaming sector.

However, we want to caution you that you must gamble at your own risk because these games have a high potential for addiction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which is the best Ludo game application? 

Ans 1: Although, all the 10 applications we have mentioned in this article are reliable and safe to use, however, the best according to us is Ludo King.

The fact that this application is available on both Android and iOS is one of the nicest features. Additionally, the application offers offline play, which allows you to play video games without having access to the internet. 

Q.2 Can someone earn money while playing Ludo Game?

Ans 2: Absolutely, you can. Online games abound where you can play Ludo and get paid for it.

However, you must be a seasoned Ludo player and be aware of all winning tactics to receive the greatest cash payouts.

Q.3: Which of your Ludo app lets you earn real cash?

Ans 3: A great app in which you can compete for real money is called skill ludo. A user of the platform has the potential to make up to Rs. 150 for each referral.

Additionally, downloading this app will provide you with a bonus of Rs. 25. The main drawback of Skill Ludo is that there is a Rs. 100 minimum withdrawal requirement.

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