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Now in the modern world, everyone is busy with their work. They don’t have time to go shopping even if they don’t have time for family and friends.

So, to save time they use online shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart and many other apps for shopping but when it comes to groceries like fresh milk, dairy products or fresh vegetables, they have to go to the nearest grocery store.

So we have a solution for this, you can get online fresh vegetables, milk and dairy products using an Android application. You can also earn extra money by referring to this app to any of your friends.

What is Country Delight App?

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Country Delight is an Android application that helps users to get groceries like milk, dairy products and fresh vegetables.

Basically, they provide online delivery services for groceries. The best thing about this app is that you can get fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farm. It’s very fresh and healthy.

How To Download a Country Delight App?

Follow these steps to download the app –

Step 1 – To download the Country Delight App Click here.

Download Country Delight App

Step 2 – Now you will be redirected to the google play store.

Step 3 – After this click on the “Install” button. It will take a few seconds to download and install depending on your internet speed.

How To Sign Up For A Country Delight App?

To sign up in the Country Delight App please follow these steps –

Step 1 – After successful installation open the app.

Step 2 – Now give some necessary permission to use the app.

Step 3 – After giving permission, please enter your mobile number and select your location.

Step 4 – Now verify the mobile number via OTP.

Step 5 – Now apply this refer code AMANS5C4NK (if it doesn’t work, pls refer to the comment section to get new referral codes) to get Rs 100 cashback.

Step 6 – After successfully applying to refer code go to the wallet section and add money to the wallet and get 100% cashback up to 300 rupees.

Cities List Where Country Delight Is Serving

Now Country Delight App serves their service in a few cities but in future, they are planning to expand. There are some cities listed where Country Delight App is available –

1. NCR

2. Pune

3. Mumbai

4. Bangalore

5. Jaipur

6. Hyderabad

How To Refer to a Country Delight App And Earn Money?

Now come to the features of this app. If you have lots of friends or an audience then you can use this app to earn money.

By referring this app to your friends you can earn up to 200rs per referral. To refer Country Delight App please follow these steps –

Step 1 – First of all open the app and go to the refer and earn section.

Step 2 – After this you can copy your referral link or you can just share it on any social media app like WhatsApp, Facebook or any kind of app.

Step 3 – When your friends registered in this app using your referral code, you will get up to 200 rupees per referral.

Term And Conditions Of the Referral Program

1. Maximum 500rs rupees will be credited to the customer.

2. Referee address and refer address should not be the same

3. Refer can’t be clubbed with any other offer.

4. One user can refer a maximum of 10 users by refer code.

5. Country Delight App has all the right to change or cancel the program.

Features Of Country Delight App?

If we talk about Country Delight App’s features then there are lots of features that attract users. Let’s talk about some features of the Country Delight App

1. Simple And Easy To Use Interface –

Country Delight has a simple and easy-to-use user interface that helps users to use the app. Newbies also can use this app.

2. Subscribe And Forget –

The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to order daily. You just set days and time and your products will be delivered to your home as per your orders. You can also set alternate days to deliver products.

3. Management Of Your Orders And Subscription –

You can easily manage your orders and subscription. If you order some things at night like 10 PM then it will be delivered to your address in the morning.

4. Easy Recharge –

You can easily recharge your wallet. You can use UPI, debit card, credit card or net banking. You can even use a Paytm wallet.

5. Cashback And Offer –

You can get a lot of offers and cashback from it. You can also get a discount.

6. Track Your Bill –

You can also track your monthly bill. It will show you how much money you have spent on groceries.

7. Customer Support –

Country Delight has great customer support. You can easily contact them.

8. Milk Delivery Twice A Day –

You can order milk two times in a single day within 24 hours.

9. Doorstep Delivery –

Country Delight App delivers products to the doorstep every day.

How to Order On Country Delight?

You can order any grocery product on the Country Delight app. Please follow this step to order any product in country delight –

Step 1 – First of all open the app and there you will see lots of products.

Step 2 – Now select any of the products in the Country Delight app and click on “Create New Order”

Step 3 – After this, you need to select the date and click on the “Proceed” button. Now you have placed the order successfully and it will be delivered to your address.

How To Get Help From Customer Support?

You can get help from customer support easily. Customer care service in the Country Delight app is available from 6 am morning to 9 pm night.

To get help from customer support please follow the steps –

Step 1 – First of all open the app and click on the menu button.

Step 2 – Now click on the “Support” button and there are lots of issues mentioned in there. You may select any of these options according to your issues.

Country Delight Products

There are lots of grocery products in the Country Delite app. List of products from Country Delight is given below -Cow Milk

2. Buffalo Milk

3. Low Fat Cow Milk

4. Gahr Jaisa Dahi

5. Low Fat Dahi

6. Taaza Paneer

7. Desi Danedar Ghee

8. White Bread

9. Brown Bread

10. White Eggs

11. Protein White Eggs

12. Protein Brown Eggs

13. Homestyle Whole Wheat Bread

14. Desi Tan Eggs

Country Delight Product Price List

If we talk about the pricing list of their products then they are very cheap and good that anybody can buy them. There are some price lists of Country Delight App products given below –

1. Cow Milk 500ML – Rs 42

2. Buffalo Milk 500ML – Rs 48.5

3. Low Fat Cow Milk 500ML – Rs 41

4. Ghar Jaisa Dahi – Rs 65

5. Taza Paneer 200Gm – Rs 97

6. White Protein Eggs 10pcs – Rs 142

8. White Eggs 10Psc – Rs 111

9. Low Fat Dahi 400 Gm – Rs 53

10. Homestyle Whole Wheat Bread 400Gm – Rs 58.5

11. Multigrain Bread 400 Gm – Rs 70.5

12. Brown Bread 400 Gm – Rs 50

13. White Bread 400 Gm – Rs 46.5

And there are lots of offers on the Country Delight App that help you to get more discounts on products so don’t forget to check other offers on the Country Delight App.

How To Recharge Country Delight App Wallet?

To order any products on the Country Delight App, you have to add some cash to your wallet so you can order any products.

Don’t worry it’s not too hard, you can recharge your Country Delight App wallet easily. There are lots of payment methods to recharge your wallet.

Follow these steps to recharge Country Delight App wallet –

Step 1 – First of all open the Country Delight App and go to the wallet section.

Step 2 – Now click on add money and enter the amount , how much you want to add into your wallet.

Step 3 After this pay the entered amount via a different payment method.

Payment method available on Country Delight App is given below –

1. UPI

2. Credit Card

3. Debit Card

4. Netbanking

5. Paytm Wallet

Upside of Country Delight App

If we talk about the advantages of Country Delight App then there are lots of advantages like offers and their services.

If you are so busy then this app will help to save time that you usually spend a lot on grocery shopping. You get fresh, natural and healthy milk and vegetables direct from the farm to your doorstep.

You don’t need to worry about your grocery list, you just need to order and set them and they will deliver your products to your doorstep daily.

When you are on vacation or out of home then unsubscribe them from the calendar and when you come home after holiday or vacation then they will automatically start delivering your products daily.

Downsides of The Country Delight App

If we talk about it downside then there is no major downside of it. Some things that I need to mention here is Country Delight available only in some cities.

It is very disappointing that people from other cities can’t use their service.

But don’t worry they will expand their service to other cities soon. So wait for your city when they do so you should definitely use it.


The Country Delight app is a very good app for grocery. You can save lots of time and money by using this app and also earn some extra money by referring to this app.

So if you are so busy or you don’t want to go to grocery stores then this app is made for you. You should use this app but Country Delight provides their service in a few cities now.

In the future, they will expand soon. If you are not from these cities then wait for your cities.

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FAQs Related to Country Delight

1. Who Is The Founder Of A Country Delight App?

The founders of the Country Delight app are Chakradhar Gade and Nitinn Kaushal in 2015.

2. How Country Delight Works?

Actually the Country Delight app controls the chain system of milk. They directly deliver milk to their customers from local farms.

3. Can I order daily?

Basically it depends on your milk consumption. If you consume more than it’s your choice to order daily or not but we will be very happy if you order daily.

4. What is the Billing Cycle In Country Delight App?

The Country Delight App sends you a bill after every two weeks. You can analyze the bill, how much you have spent on groceries and how good the quality is.

5. How I Contact Customer Support In A Country Delight App?

You can contact them via email or mobile number. Their email is and customer care number is 9650578884. You can get this on the app in the “Customer Support” section.

6. Can I Order In Alternate Days?

Yes, you can order anything daily or on flexible dates. Basically it’s up to you that you want our products daily or alternatively.

7.What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Regular Customer?

Country Delight App gives users exciting offers and discounts to their regular customers.

8. What Are Payments Method Available In Country Delight App ?

You can recharge your wallet easily. There are lots of payment methods that you can use like UPI, Net banking, Debit Card or Credit Card.

9. How To Subscribe Apps For Latest Offers And Updates?

You can subscribe to the Country Delight App during sign up. They will send you offers and update via email.

10. Subscription Is Prepaid Or Postpaid?

Country Delight App offers both prepaid and post – paid subscription.

11. What is the Time For Milk Delivery?

Country Delight delivers milk to the customer from 5:30am to 7:30am.

12. How I Recharge My Wallet?

To recharge your wallet follow these steps
1.log in into your account
2.go to wallet section
3.Now click on add money and enter the amount.
4.Now pay the amount via upi, net banking, credit card or debit card.

13. How To Refer to a Country Delight App?

You can refer this app to your friends by following these steps –
1.Log in into your account.
2.Go to refer and earn section
3.Now you can share the link via social media.

14. How I Get My Own Referral Code?

You can get your referral code by visiting the refer and earn section. Here you will get your refer code.

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