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Nowadays, who doesn’t want to earn money?

Everyone wants to earn money. What if I say you can earn money by just playing simple games, no I am not needing.

Now the online gaming industry is increasing day by day and now some companies are giving you money by playing their games. In this article I want to tell you a great earning android application that will blow your mind.

It’s so simple and easy to use that everyone can use this application and you know it’s best part is that you can withdraw all your winning amount in a second.

In this article, we will talk about WinZo android applications, and how to use WinZo gold app? How to sign up in the WinZo gold app? How to withdraw money in the WinZo gold app? How to download the WinZo gold app?

So not wasting a single second let’s jump into it. Here are full details about the winzo app.

What Is Winzo Gold Apk?

winzo gold apk

Winzo gold app is an android application that helps users to earn extra money just by playing games. It’s a totally legal, trusted and genuine app which has 75 million registered users.

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It’ll pay you money in just a second and also it’s simple and easy to use layout. Simple games attract users to use the winzo application. In this app you can play 100+ games which are so simple to use and earn money.

WinZo App Download Latest Version ?

We are providing here a link to download the winzo gold app’s latest version. You can download the latest version of WinZo App from the given link below.

WinZo App Download

You will get 50 rupees as a signing bonus if you download the given link below. If you are using a chrome browser to download winzo app please allow the app to download the app.

How to Install WinZo Gold App ?

After downloading the WinZo app from the given link please click on the downloaded app and click on install option.

During these installation processes you have to allow the install from an unknown source option. Now the winzo gold apo is installed and ready to use.

How To Sign Up For a WinZo App?

Here is few steps for sign up in WinZo gold app just follow the steps and you will able to sign up in WinZo gold app –

winzo gold app signup bonus
  1. Open the app and allow some necessary permission to use winzo app.
  2. Now select a language from the given option and click on next
  3. Here you can see the next window where you ask for the user’s mobile number. Now put your active mobile in the given box and click on get OTP.
  4. Now submit the OTP and click on the verify button. After all, this fills in all the necessary details like email, gender and date of birth to complete the user profile. Now all set to earn money.

Winzo App Games List –

Now let’s come to the games list. You will ask me how many games in the winzo gold app and here is my answer.

There are lots of games in the winzo gold app so don’t worry you will not get bored playing the same games.

Here we are giving you some names of games in winzo app –

  1. Fruit Samurai
  2. Cricket
  3. Bubble Shooter
  4. Basketball
  5. Rapid Shoot
  6. Quiz Game
  7. Memory Mania
  8. Penalty Shoot
  9. Pool
  10. Call Break
  11. Winzo Rummy
  12. Bricky Blitz
  13. Carrum
  14. Winzo Ludo
  15. Poker
  16. Snake Rush
  17. Candy Match
  18. Knife Up
  19. 2048 Bottles
  20. Ludo Express
  21. Solitaire
  22. Tanis Toons
  23. Speed Tambola
  24. Liquid short
  25. Mr. Racer
  26. Mine Runner
  27. Basketball
  28. Match 3D
  29. Blackjack Blitz
  30. Connect 4
  31. Sheep battle

And there are lots of game names that will blow your mind. Just use the winzo gold app to explore the other games which are not given in the list.

How To Earn Money From Winzo App?

Now that we know all the features of the winzo app, let’s come to our main topic how to earn money from the winzo gold app. Well there is few ways to earn money from it that is given below

1. Spin to Win –

This is a simple way to get extra bonus money from it. The Winzo app allows users to spin a wheel for one time in 24 hours. Here users can spin the wheel and get some extra bonus money. You can get 2rs to 1,000ra bonus money from spinning the wheel.

2. By Playing Games –

We have already talked about it but let’s explain it better. In the winzo app there are lots of games whose names we have already provided above to earn money. You have just participated in the games and depending upon your score you will get money.

3. Fantasy League –

I’m sure you have already heard the name of some fantasy apps like dream 11, my11 circle and many more apps. Winzo also has a fantasy league where you have created your own team and you can become a winner.

4. Referral Program –

Winzo gold has a referral program where you can earn extra money by referring to your friends. If you have an audience then you have a great opportunity to get extra money. Just give them a referral link of your winzo gold app and ask your friends to install the app. We have already explained it below.

5. World War –

In this section, there are lots of games available to earn money just participate in the game and earn money.

6. Winzo Store –

In this section, you will get some discounts on free fire or other games.

If you play battleground games like free fire, call of duty or BGMI then this will help you to get discounts for these gaming apps.

7. Promotion –

In the promotion section, you will get a lot of offers and giveaways. Just participate in them and earn.

How to Earn Money By Playing Games In Winzo Gold App?

The main features of winzo app are its games. To earn from playing games, open the winzo gold app and go to the games section. In this section, you can see there are lots of games.

Just click on the game which you want to play and participate in the game by paying some given amount.

How Much Money Will I Earn From the Winzo Gold App?

In the winzo gold app there are lots of ways to earn money which we have already discussed but I know you have questions about how much money you can make from it.

So my answer is you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month. You can also earn money by playing free fire in the winzo app.

How To Withdraw Money From Winzo Gold App?

Winzo gold app has lots of payment methods for withdrawing the winning amount and these all are hundred percent safe and secure. You will get your money into your bank account or any other wallet in a second.

Let’s talk about it in detail. Basically winzo has three payout options: upi,paytm wallet and bank transfer.

1. UPI Transfer –

For upi payment you have to enter your upi address and put the amount and click on submit.

2. Paytm Wallet Transfer –

For paytm wallet transfer you have to give paytm number and put the amount and tap on submit button.

3. Bank Transfer –

For bank transfer users have to enter the full details of their bank like account number, ifsc code and account holder name etc and enter the amount and click on submit button.

Minimum withdraw money in winzo gold app is only three rupees.

How To Add Money In Winzo Gold Wallet ?

If you are running out of money for playing games in the winzo gold app then there are few methods for adding money in winzo wallet. You can add cash by these given options

1. Credit Card

2. Debit Card

3. UPI

4. Net Banking

5. Paytm

You can even use other wallets like ola money, mobikwik, freecharge or jio money.

How To Check Money In Winzo Gold Wallet?

You can see all of your winning amount by clicking on the wallet section. Basic winzo app’s wallet divided into three sections –

1. Unplayed Balance –

This money is money which is added by the player.

2. Wining Amount –

This is your winning money from playing games.

3. Cash Bonus –

These are earning money from referral programs or spinning the wheel section.

You can see all of your transactions recently done by you in the winzo gold app.

Benefits of Playing Winzo Gold App

Now let’s talk about the major benefits of playing the winzo gold app. In the winzo app all players are winners, yes you read it correctly some other app only gives money to top rankers but here you will get some money by playing it.

My Final Word

In this article, we have given you the full information about the winzo app but now the question has popped out of our mind is should I use the winzo gold app then let me help out with this question. Winzo is a genuine and 100% safe app.

Winzo has 75 million registered users and they are earning money daily. If you have time and love to play these kinds of games then this will help to earn extra pocket money by playing games from it.

If you genuinely earn money then you should definitely use it and you know you don’t have to go outside to earn money when you get time to play the games and earn money.

So friends, how is this article about winzo gold app? If you have any questions in mind then please feel free to ask in the comment box.

if you have any suggestions about my article then please do let us know.

FAQs Related to WinZO App

1. Is Winzo Gold Safe?

Yes, winzo gold is one and hundred percent safe. Your all deposits and winning amount is safe in the winzo app so don’t worry about your money just play it and earn money.

2. Is Winzo Gold a Chinese App?

No,winzo gold is not a chinese app. It’s an Indian app where the office is in India. Winzo was developed and designed in India.

3. Can You Use Mod Apk?

No, you can’t use mod apk because the winzo gold team will inspect you if you are caught cheating then they will immediately ban you. So my suggestion is don’t use mod apk. You will get many mod apks of winzo app but trust me you will definitely get banned. So don’t cheat and play genuinely.

4. What Is Referral Code?

Referral code is alphanumeric code which is unique for every user. From the referral code you will be able to refer the winzo gold app to your friend and family.

5. How I Get My Referral Code?

You can get your referral code on the refer section. Just click on the refer section and here you will get a link to refer. You can refer all of your friends on whatsapp or any other social media platforms.

6. How I will Update Winzo Gold App?

If you want to update your winzo gold app then go to their official website and download the latest version of winzo app. We have already given a link above.

7. Is Winzo Gold Real?

Yes, WinZo gold is a 100% real and genuine app. Millions of people use it and earn money daily.

8. How do I contact the Winzo gold App?

You can contact them by email. We are providing you with their email. If you have a query then email them.
Email –
Address – A-20, Naraina Industrial area, phase 1 Delhi 110028

9. Is winzo Gold Free?

Yes,winzo gold is free, you don’t have to pay for registration but you will have to participate in any games.

10. How Many Languages Are Available In the Winzo Gold App?

Winzo gold available in 12 languages.

11. Is WinZo is AIGF Member?

Yes, Winzo Gold is AIGF member.

12. Can I Withdraw My Bonus Cash?

No, you can’t withdraw bonus cash but you can use them in games just by participating in any games.

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