Earn Money with 12 Percent Club App: Get Best Returns on Investment

Online investment apps have become a trend in this era. It is so simple that anyone can use it and also simple to operate. It will aid you achieve your financial goals and grow your business or portfolio in an effective manner.

Most of the online investment apps are available on Play Store, App Store and other similar platforms.

The number of people who invest their savings depends on the different kinds of investment apps. But finding an effective and efficient app to invest your money is really a problem. Online investment apps are one of the most popular, effective and efficient ways to make your bankroll grow in a short time period.

Investing is the process of making a financial investment in securities or commodities, with the expectation that some or all of the money will be returned.

This can take the form of putting your money into mutual funds, stocks and bonds. While there are many ways to invest, you may wonder how to choose an app for investing money?

What Is a 12 Percent Club App?

BharatPe, a FinTech firm, powers the 12 percent Club investing and loan app. BharatPe is one of India’s largest Fintech companies.

If you invest at 12%, you can earn up to 12% interest on your money. When you save with the 12% club app, you can invest and earn up to 12%.

Not only that, but you can get a 12% loan at any time with the same 12% interest rate. BharatPe has partnered with RBI-approved NBFCs to provide users this investment-cumulative-borrowing solution.

If you invest money in our app, you will receive daily interest credit in your account, which you may withdraw at any moment.

The rate of return is higher than that of a fixed deposit and most stocks. So, if you’re seeking a safe and secure way to grow your money, this is the place to be.

How Does The 12 Percent Club App Operate?

The operation of this 12% Club  application is similar to that of Cred Mint 22.

We keep our cash in banks and other financial entities. They offer us fixed deposits and other schemes to help us increase our spare cash. They use this money to provide upfront credit (through credit cards), loans, and other things in exchange for interest.

This is a win-win arrangement for both us and the banks, as they profit from placing our money in the market and paying us a marginal interest while keeping the lion’s portion.

P2P lending differs significantly from traditional banking in that there is no third party (financial institution) between you (the lender) and the person accepting the loan (the borrower). Essentially, you are the bank here.

The RBI maintains a list of registered P2P lending platforms, one of which is 12% Club. You can either invest your money in the app or borrow money from others using the app.

The interest rate remains the same for both: 12%. Daily interest is charged and deducted from the borrower’s account and deposited into the lender’s account.

With a single click, you can invest or withdraw your money. It will be deposited into your bank account in a single transaction.

Registration Process On 12 Percent Club App

1. Get the 12% Club App here.

2. Download and launch the app.

3. Select the Let’s 12% button.

4. Give permission to the location.

5. Enter your phone number and press the Continue button.

6. Enter an OTP to verify your mobile number.

7. Your registration has been approved.

8. Now, press the Activate Now button.

9. Finish Your Kyc.

10.You can now begin investing in the 12% club app. Here’s how to go about it.

How Do I Invest In The 12 Percent Club App?

1. First, launch the 12% club app and choose the “contribute money” option.

2. Next, you must connect your bank account.

3. Select your bank account from the drop-down menu and click Link Now.

4. Once you’ve discovered your bank account, simply click on it.

5. You must then validate your Aadhaar using an OTP.

6. After completing your Aadhaar KYC, you must upload your Selfie.

7. Once you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions, your account will be authorized.

8. You can now begin earning up to 12% interest on your money by depositing it into your account.

Customers who use the ‘12% Club’ app can invest their money at any time by lending it to BharatPe’s partner P2P NBFCs. Customers can also utilize the ‘12% Club’ app to acquire no-collateral loans up to Rs 10 lakhs for three months.

How To Borrow Money From 12 Percent Club App?

1. The procedure is rather straightforward. Simply launch the app and navigate to the Borrow Money area.

2. They will now check your credit history, and you will be given a loan amount in your bank based on your credit history.

How Do You Repay a Loan in the 12 Percent Club App

  1. To repay a loan through the 12% club app, you must first log in with your mobile number.
  2. Then, on the dashboard, you’ll see your existing loan, its tenure, and the EMI due date.
  3. You must select a payment method and then pay the EMI amount using your linked bank account.

How Much Money Do You Can Lend On The 12 Percent Club App?

To provide consumers with a pleasant experience, 12% Club collaborated with numerous lenders. The total exposure of a single lender to the same borrower across all P2Ps shall not exceed Rs 50,000.

A lender’s total exposure to all borrowers at any moment in time, across all P2Ps, shall be capped to Rs 10,00,000. However, if you have a certified net worth certificate of Rs 50,00,000, you may borrow up to Rs 50,00,000 (Rs 50 Lakh).

Refer and Earn With 12 Percent Club App

For each successful referral, you will receive 10% of your friend’s earnings, which will be paid to your bank 12% club account as monthly cashback credit. Isn’t it fascinating? So, what’s keeping you from downloading the app and grabbing your referral link? Now tell your friends and relatives about this fantastic programme and help them grow their money as well. To obtain your own referral code, complete the steps outlined below.

  1. Open the 12% club app and select the Menu bar in the top right corner.
  2. Now, go to the Refer and Earn section and copy your 12% Club App Referral Code.
  3. You can refer as many pals as you like because there is no referring cap.

Is It Safe To Invest Money In The 12 Percent Club App?

Because the app is backed by some of the biggest names in the banking and financial industries, such as BharatPe and the Reserve Bank of India, it is a safer app.

Customers can invest as little as 1000 rupees and as much as 10 lakh rupees, and the money can be withdrawn at any moment.

The app collaborates with well-known NBFCs that have been approved by the RBI and provides a secure platform to its consumers with the assistance of skilled professionals on the other end.

Furthermore, there are no settlement fees when investing, and the funds are sent and debited from your account on a regular basis.It works both ways, and the rationale for a lower risk premium is that a person’s money is dispersed among numerous borrowers, lowering the risk.

The app functions as a mini-bank, and even banks in our country face the risk of becoming the default. Consider the following names: CitiBank and YesBank. Who knew when they were investing that these so-called banks would put their money at risk?

Risks And How To Reduce Them?

When the app does not offer information about the identity of the borrowers so that investors can invest appropriately, it becomes somewhat dysfunctional.

However, because your money is being borrowed by a number of tiny borrowers, the potential risk is not particularly significant.

If one of the 500 loans you have invested in fails to pay the interest, the effect is equal to 1/500 of the total borrowings. As a result, the difference is insignificant, and the risk is low.

Aside from that, there may be a security risk if the app does not have enough liquidity to support its investors due to a lack of borrowers. This, too, can be resolved by gaining access to the borrowers’ information. There is also the possibility of widespread default.

However, when compared to other companies’ market sizes, it hardly matters and is unlikely to happen in the near future. The obvious answer to this problem is to distribute small sums across a large number of borrowers.

Benefits Of 12 Percent Club App

1. Investment

  • There are no joining fees.
  • Credit with Daily Interest.
  • Withdraw funds whenever you want (Instant Withdrawal).
  • There are no settlement fees (No Withdrawal Fee).
  • Earn up to 12% in interest.

2. Borrowing from the 12% Club

  • Borrow at 12% interest.
  • Simple Repayment.
  • Anytime Repayment.
  •  No Additional Fees for Repayment.

What Are The Risks?

Since you now understand the basic principle, you may be wondering what the risks are.

  1. Your principal amount is a loan in and of itself. Many other types of investments can not guarantee returns; nonetheless, you can recoup the majority of your principal. However, in this case, your primary amount is at risk. You do receive daily interest, but it is negative as long as your principal is invested.
  2. There is no one-size-fits-all method for identifying defaulters. If your money borrower defaults, LenDenClub and Liquiloan will do all possible to recover the funds and will continue to follow up with them. However, that is it!

However, the daily interest and high rate of interest are appealing to everyone who wants to try them out.

My Final Word

When it comes to online investment opportunities, security should be your top priority. Because a threat can emerge at any time due to a single mistake, and as a responsible user, you must protect your credentials and personal information. We can reduce the threats in this way to some level.

If you wish to invest and study the app more, we recommend that you start small and gradually increase your investment, learning the program’s features, functionality, and other important elements before investing large sums.

FAQs Related to 12 Percent Club App

1. What Are The Various Methods For Depositing Funds Into The 12% Club Account?

You can deposit funds through UPI, Netbanking, Credit Card, or Debit Card. Using any of these ways is free of charge.

2. Are There Any Withdrawal Fees?

No, there are presently no additional fees for withdrawals from the 12% club app.

3. How Long Will It Take To Withdraw Money From Your Bank Account?

In my situation, the money appeared in my bank account almost immediately. Withdrawals, on the other hand, can take as long as 24 hours to process. If it takes more than 24 hours, call customer service or chat with them to get your issue fixed.

4. How Do I Qualify For A Loan In The 12% App?

The 12% club app will tell you how much money you can borrow based on your credit history. The higher your credit score, the larger your credit limit will be.

5. How Can I Repay The Amount Borrowed From The 12% App?

The 12% club app provides you with a loan amount for a period of three months only.
Once the three months are up, you must deposit the principal amount plus interest to your 12% club wallet from your registered bank account.
However, you can pay off your loan at any time without incurring any prepayment penalties.

6. Who Is The Owner Of The 12% Club App?

The app is currently owned by BharatPe, one of India’s most well-known fintech businesses, in conjunction with P2P NBFCs licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
BharatPe has joined the lending market in collaboration with LenDenClub and LiquiLoans.

7. Is The 12% Club App Secure?

This app is powered by BharatPe, a reputable merchant app for receiving payments in India.
This obviously adds credence. Furthermore, this application lends your invested funds to borrowers with a great credit history, reducing the risks.

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