Dunzo App Referral Code 2023 | Get Rs.100 FREE Order

Dunzo App Referral Code 2023: The most precious resource in life right now is time. After the enormous popularity of online meal delivery with Swiggy and Zomato, it’s no wonder that life is moving so quickly in the modern era thanks to technology.

With fantastic deals, online grocery delivery applications are now available. Welcome to this article. 

This article will introduce you to Dunzo, the most effective and fastest app for online grocery delivery. Download the Dunzo app. Get Rs. 50 in free dunzo cash immediately.

You will receive free delivery in 19 minutes. The 24/7 accessible Dunzo app allows users to purchase everyday necessities, fruits, and vegetables.

The biggest feature of the Dunzo App is the ability to effortlessly courier your goods to friends with just one click while also ordering medications.

Name of the ApplicationDunzo
CategoryGrocery Delivery App
Sign Up Bonus₹100
Referral Bonus₹100
Delivery Time19 Minutes
Download LinkClick Here

Features Of The Dunzo App Referral Code 2023

To ensure that users have a wonderful experience using the app, Dunzo offers several features. Some of the effective features are as follows:

  • Dunzo offers real-time tracking. Through real-time GPS connection, this feature enables consumers to follow the progress of their delivery partner and, in turn, their meals, groceries, or other packages. In simple terms, it functions by integrating some of the best and most expensive APIs on the market, especially Google Maps, Ways Navigation, and Mapkit.
  • Dunzo provides timely, exclusive offers to draw in and retain consumers.
  • To provide the finest experience, Dunzo integrated all possible banks, payment gateways, and cutting-edge fintech.

How To Create An Account On Dunzo App Referral Code 2023?

Once users download the app from the given link above, Dunzo has made it incredibly easy for them to register and create an account. Here are the four easy actions to take.

  • From the Google Play Store or the App Store, download the Dunzo app.
  • Open the app from your phone’s app screen once it has been installed.
  • You can sign up with either your phone number or email address. Create an account by entering your phone number in the registration area and approving using OTP.
  • Start the application by providing your name, email address, and mailing address.

Dunzo App Referral Code 2023

We may infer that even you must have made a few recommendations for other applications. Have you received any awards? Some may be small, while others may be large.

Dunzo initially focused heavily on referrals, however, lately they have slowed down a bit. To get a referral code to give to friends so they can download the Dunzo app and earn Dunzo cash, you have to make one order totalling more than Rs 100.

The Dunzo invite code provides rewards for you and the other person to use the Dunzo app more often.

Dunzo App Referral Code 2023Terms

The requirements for the Dunzo invite code are provided below, and they must be followed in order to take part in the referral program:

  • Users will receive Rs. 50 in cash upon signup.
  • When their friends and family sign up for the Dunzo App using your referral code, users will additionally receive Rs 50.
  • Through the refer and earn program, users may also earn up to Rs 500.

How To Get Cash on Dunzo App Referral Code 2023?

It’s critical to retain consumers over the duration of their relationship with the services or goods offered by your company if you expect to generate a significant number of sales.

From the moment they were inaugurated, Dunzo began using the success formula they had learned. You will receive Dunzo cash for referring or being referred to utilize the Dunzo app.

If you’re wondering how to utilize Dunzo cash, just use it like regular currency while using the Dunzo app to make purchases. These easy methods will allow you to get Rs 50 for singing on the Dunzo App.

  • The Dunzo App must first be downloaded from the offer page. It is also available for download from other websites.
  • You have to start the application after downloading it.
  • You must now enter your contact number into the Dunzo App before you can use an OTP to confirm your mobile number.
  • To receive Rs 50 in Dunzo App cash, enter the provided Dunzo referral code.

Where To Find Dunzo Referral Code New?

Once you have placed an order with Dunzo for at least Rs. 100, you will instantly receive a Dunzo referral link. The referral commission at Dunzo changes often.

If you want to participate in the Referral program, you must stay updated. You can get Rs. 50 when you join Dunzo after installing the app from the Google Play Store.

If you want to receive Rs 50 as a sign-up bonus while signing up for the first time, you can enter any code. Then, you may make additional money on Dunzo by telling everyone you know about your unique referral code.

How To Use Dunzo App Referral Code 2023?

Companies often take a number of complicated procedures to guide you through a process. Not any longer; these days, computer-prompted instructions will get the job done quickly for you.

If you’re interested in learning how to utilize Dunzo cash, there are just three simple things you need to do.

  • Open the Dunzo app on your phone, select “Dunzo Cash” in the lower right corner of the screen, and then share with friends using WhatsApp or another simple messaging program.
  • To download the app using that link and use the referral code when signing up, ask your friends or contacts to do so.
  • Let them place an order of more than Rs 100 to receive Rs 50 in Dunzo cash in your wallet.

Referral Program Details of Dunzo App Referral Code 2023

With the active and user-friendly Dunzo Customer Care chat, you can discover more about the particulars of the referral program. They will let you in on all the details of the ongoing promotions and referral schemes. 


Nowadays, companies use a variety of techniques to leave a lasting impression on their clients. Dunzo has discovered a method that is effective for them.

Hopefully, the information provided above about Dunzo’s referral program has been valuable to you as you use the app and spread the word about how useful it is to your friends and family.

FAQs on Dunzo App Referral Code 2023

Q.1 Who is the owner of Dunzo?

Ans 1: In 2014, Kaber Biswas co-founded Dunzo. Prior to founding Dunzo, he founded a company named Hopper.

He created Dunzo on WhatsApp, recognized the potential of the market for hyperlocal deliveries, and progressively grew the company.

Q.2 What are other platforms like Dunzo?

Ans 2: The market for hyperlocal deliveries is now quite cutthroat. Players with comparable offerings to Dunzo exist. Swiggy Genie, for instance, is comparable to Dunzo Courier.

The grocery delivery service Dunzo Daily is comparable to Swiggy Instamart, Zepto, Blinkit, Pickily, etc. 

Q.3 I live in India; can I get the Dunzo app through the app store or play store?

Ans 3: Absolutely, you can. You can download the app from the google play store or the ioS app store by simply searching for “Dunzo” on those platforms. 

Q.4 Does Dunzo offer Free Delivery?

Ans 4: Dunzo doesn’t provide free delivery, sorry. Every order placed through the app carries a delivery cost.

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