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Online Banking has become the preferred mode of transaction and payment for millions of people globally.

In recent times, more and more banking sector organizations are offering their services through various channels like mobile apps, desktop applications and websites.

The benefits of using an online banking application for trading is one such amazing benefit which you can enjoy in today’s world by making use of this tool, we can get all the financial benefits that come with having an account with any of the recognized financial institutions.

Online banking is a safe and secure way to access your finances from any location and on any device, which prevents you from having to carry tons of cash around.

Online banking has several benefits, such as faster deposit and withdrawal transactions and guaranteed security systems which prevent unauthorized access.

Online banking has become the easiest and simplest way to manage your finances. If you are running a small business, then there are times when you need to access your bank account through mobile or computer.

If you are in that situation, I’m here to guide you through the various services offered by online banks and help you select the right online banking app.

What Is Jupiter App?

Jupiter App is a mobile banking application with just one objective to give you a banking experience that moves with you.

Which can help you comprehend banking language, present you with a range of cutting-edge services that can assist you to understand your resources, and provide you with lots of insightful information depending on your expenditure.

Who Is The Founder Of Jupiter App?

Jupiter Banking’s CEO is Jitendra Gupta. He founded Citrus Pay, which he sold in 2016 for $130 million.

Anupam Bagchi, a prominent participant in the Jupiter Money Project who has held positions at Standard Chartered and Axis Bank, is another significant individual.

He served as the vice president of Axis Bank’s Digital Banking division.

How Does Jupiter App Work?

When you make a deposit into your Jupiter account, the funds are controlled and placed at the Federal Bank.

VISA controls, issues, and settles payments made to merchants with your debit card. Everything, including your complaints and chargebacks, is resolved by VISA.

Your money is insured by the RBI and kept secure in accordance with the DICGC regulations. The RBI insurance accounts for up to 5 lakh INR.

Jupiter provides both a debit card and an ATM card, allowing you to use it for cash withdrawals, in-person purchases, and online purchasing. The VISA network is compatible with this debit card.

You will have control over the card, including the ability to block it, set a transaction limit, freeze it at specific times, and more.

Where can I get the Jupiter App?

  • Open the Google Playstore app first.
  • Now, enter “Jupiter Banking App” in the search box to find the Jupiter App.
  • By clicking the Install button, you can download the Jupiter app to your device.
  • Or you can get it from the given link below.

How can I register for the Jupiter app?

  • Click Proceed once the app has been downloaded.
  • Choose “Allow” from the menu.
  • Now type the phone number you already registered with your Aadhaar card.
  • After that, click the next button to see which mobile number you previously registered with.
  • It will now be successfully verified.
  • You will notice a screen that says, “Let’s start your trip to Jupiter.” Click the continue button on that page.
  • Enter your Pan Card number at this time.
  • To use e-KYC, Type in the “Aadhaar card number” and the “OTP” that was sent to your device.
  • You’ll now have the option to upload a video as proof of your identity. Complete the necessary work, then upload the video.
  • Click proceed after entering your email, and mother’s and father’s names.
  • Your occupation, annual income (if any), and marital status should be chosen.
  • Adding a nominee is optional.
  • Now scroll down and carefully double-check your information.
  • Check the box, then hit “Continue.”
  • Make a new “MPIN” of your choosing, check it, and then touch “Done.”
  • Your bank account will now be opened in a matter of minutes, and you’re done and ready to use the Jupiter App.

What Documents Are Necessary for a Jupiter App Bank Account?

The following is some of the paperwork required to open an account:

  • You can prove your age and identity with a driving license, passport, permanent account number (PAN) card, Aadhar card, or voter identification.
  • The acceptable forms of address evidence are a passport, utility or telephone bill, or an Aadhar card.
  • recent passport size photographs.
  • Seniors must provide identification to open a senior savings account.
  • Parents or guardians must submit their documentation along with the child’s birth certificate when opening a child or minor savings account.

How can I switch from a Jupiter Basic Savings Account to a Jupiter Pro Salary Account?

It only requires three simple steps that is given below you just need to follow these steps;

  • Complete the eKYC process using the physical or video verification methods.
  • After completing your eKYC, enter the name of your company and confirm your work email address.
  • To ensure that you receive your next paycheck on Jupiter within 60 days, send your HR your Jupiter account information.

There you go ! You’ll instantly be promoted to a Jupiter Pro Salary Account once your salary has been credited to your Jupiter account.

Note: Be sure you get your income (minimum Rs. 25000) in your Jupiter account each month if you want to keep your Jupiter Pro Salary Account active. If not, your status will be lowered from Jupiter Pro to Jupiter Basic.

What Is the Main Difference Between Jupiter Pro And Jupiter Basic Account?

Here are some differences between Jupiter Pro And Jupiter Basic Account

  • A Basic Savings Account has a One Year Term and a Selection of Benefits.
  • A verified savings account is ongoing and comes with additional features and benefits.
  • Free health insurance and the highest awards, up to Rs. 600, are included with a pro salary account on Jupiter.

Features of Jupiter App

Here are some features of Jupiter App that is given below;

  1. Banking while traveling is easy. Using the Jupiter app, you may access your bank account from anywhere.
  2. No balance on the account. There is no need for you to maintain a certain minimum average balance with Jupiter.
  3. The return is assured. Using the smart debit card from Jupiter, you receive 1% reward on all purchases, even UPI ones.
  4. A debit card is offered without charge. A free debit card is offered by Jupiter for life. There won’t be any charges, not even for the replacement of damaged or missing cards.
  5. There are no unstated costs. There are no additional fees or hidden charges with Jupiter.It guarantees a totally transparent banking experience.
  6. Real-time insights on purchasing trends. Jupiter is a price tracker that provides you with up-to-date details regarding your spending patterns.
  7. You can get assistance with your issues from Jupiter’s online customer service at any time of day.

Pots Feature

This function is referred to by Jupiter Banking as an intelligent piggy bank. You may auto-save numerous goals there and keep tabs on their advancement.

No charges are applied to the money transfer. Additionally, there is no time limit and you have the option to do it whenever you want.

Insight Feature

This is yet another function that will make Jupiter Banking more attractive to you. It will show you a kind of dashboard that enables you to keep track of various financial transactions.

In order to manage your finances. With the use of intelligent classification, you can simply view and keep track of the money you have spent on purchases. With the help of the notifications, insights provide you the ability to monitor your spending.

Rewards Program

Use Jupiter UPI to make payments on Swiggy, Flipkart, Uber, Myntra, Dunzo, Amazon, and Zomato and receive 1% Cashback up to INR 100 each month ( Minimum transaction value is INR 100)

If you use your Jupiter Debit Card to make purchases, you’ll receive 1% Cashback up to INR 150 per month ( Minimum transaction value is INR 100)

You have the option to keep tabs on your earnings in real time. You can also exchange gems (you acquire jewels when you spend money) for cash that is deposited directly into your account.

Benefits Of Jupiter App

1. Digital Platform

Benefits of the Jupiter App are 100% digital and safe. Open a bank account when creating a playlist or sharing a photo. There’s no pain involved because everything is digital.

2. Reward System

There are real-time prizes available. You cannot find fast rewards like this anywhere else. On purchases made with a debit card or a UPI, you will get 1% back.

3. Customer Support

A quick response is provided when banking urgently! Find fast solutions to all of your 3 a.m. queries, from lost card anxiety to personalized spend analytics.

4. No Hidden Charges

With this account, there are no hidden fees and no minimum balance requirements. Say goodbye to shady bank fees and hidden costs. There is no necessary minimum balance. Use any ATM to withdraw money. Transparency in fees is crucial.

Jupiter Pro Salary Account Advantages

1. Free Medical Coverage

Free two lakhs rupee (₹2,00,000) in medical insurance. You will receive from Onsurity the ₹2,00,000 in health insurance coverage from ICICI Lombard and the ₹5,00,000 in accidental insurance coverage.

2. Reward Up to 600/Month

You will now receive additional rewards on debit card purchases up to 500 each month, in extra to 100 cashback on UPI transactions.

3. Zero Fee On Foreign Purchase

As of right now, there would be no forex fee on foreign purchases up to one lakh rupees per month.

4. On Demand Salary

You can receive your salary from Jupiter and do so interest-free before your employer pays you. This feature will soon be available in the Jupiter app, but it will only be available to those who have Jupiter Pro Salary Accounts.

Jupiter App Charges

  • A real debit card should be obtained for the first time, free of cost
  • If your card gets damaged or lost, there are no fees to replace it.
  • Annual costs for debit cards: Free of cost
  • At any ATM located outside of India, you can check your balance or obtain a mini statement, per inquiry 25 rupees.
  • At the ATM, there is a transaction decline fee since there are not enough funds, ATM fees are not applied at Federal Bank. At any other ATM, it costs Rs. 25 each time.
  • Money is insufficient Fee denial for in-store transactions, there are no fees.

Refer and Earn Program for the Jupiter App

The Jupiter App’s referral scheme is as follows:

  • Open the Jupiter App. You may find a “50% on your friend’s debit card reward” Card in the “Rewards” section.
  • You will see a few invite links there that you can send to friends or relatives.
  • You will receive 50% of your friend’s debit card rewards once they sign up for Jupiter App using your shared link and complete their KYC procedure. (For instance, if your friend uses a Jupiter debit card or UPI to make payments and receives a reward from the jupiter worth Rs. 50, you would receive half of that amount.

My Final Word

Consider Jupiter if you’re looking for a new bank account that offers checking and cashback on all purchases.

Interac Direct Payment offers limitless access to your money in addition to specializing in financial guidance for millennials.

The next great thing in banking is Jupiter, although it is still in early access. You can get extra cashback for the first three months if you join the queue.

So friends if you like this article then do share with your friends and explore our website for more this type of article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Jupiter Money’s founder?

Jupiter Banking’s CEO is Jitendra Gupta. He founded Citrus Pay, which he sold in 2016 for $130 million.

2. Is there a zero balance option for the Jupiter Savings Account?

Yes! There is no minimum balance requirement of any type. And maybe most significantly, there are no additional fees.

3. What are the Jupiter Debit Card’s joining and annual fees?

There is no joining fee and no yearly fee.

4. How do I close my bank account with Jupiter?

If you want to close your Jupiter savings bank account, you can do so at any time by giving the bank written notification that is at least 30 days old.

5. What Exactly Is Neo Bank?

Neo banks are entirely virtual financial institutions with no physical locations. It lacks branches, administrative procedures, physical verification, and support for cash transactions.

6. Which Indian Neobanks Are The Best?

Among India’s leading neobanks are
Fi Money
Kotak 811
North Loop
DigibankAmong India’s leading neobanks are
Fi Money
Kotak 811
North Loop

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