[Trick 100%] Lotus 365 App Download and How to make money from Lotus 365 App

Lotus 365 App Download 2023: The online gaming platform Lotus 365 provides a variety of games, including 32 cards, cricket, roulette, andar bahar, and the. The Lotus 365 platform is regarded as a risk-free way to gamble because it has been approved by the Indian government.

You should Install and register on the application to use Lotus 365 App. Once you’ve completed this, you may start playing any of the available games.

You are always welcome to withdraw your earnings. Players at Lotus 365 can win thousands of rupees and get a variety of bonuses. These prizes can help you increase your earnings and enhance your experience.

So, if you are searching for a safe and reputed earning platform your search will end here.

In this article we are going to tell you everything about Lotus 365 App and how you can earn money by using this amazing platform. So, let’s get started.

What is Lotus 365 Apk?

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Internet research revealed that Lotus 365 is a website where users may earn money by participating in virtual games. It’s also referred to as an online betting application.

The Lotus 365 has been officially introduced by America. There are sports like cricket, football, tennis, horse racing, and Indian card games that could be played here.

You can operate Lotus 365 from its official website or you can also install this application on your Android or Apple iOS.

You can try out actual cash games on the Lotus 365 website, including Three Strip Game, Teen Patti Test, Teen Patti T20, Jilli Rummy, Rocco Beach Party, Zilly Teenpatti, Fishing War, and Fishing God, 2 Cards Teenpatti, Muflis Teen Patti, 20-20 Poker, Mega Fishing, Neptune Bing.

You can try out actual cash games on the Lotus 365 website, including Three Strip Game, Teen Patti Test, Teen Patti T20, 2 Cards Teenpatti, Muflis Teen Patti, 20-20 Poker, Mega Fishing, Neptune Bing, Jilli Rummy, Rocco Beach Party, Zilly Teenpatti, Fishing War, and Fishing God.

You can immediately withdraw any cash you earn from the website into your bank account, or you can ask it to be sent to your UPI ID. To start making money with Lotus 365, you must first create an account. Let’s learn how to create an account on Lotus 365 App.

Features of Lotus 365 (Lotus 365 Download APK Features)

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  • From the Lotus 365 app, you can ask for a withdrawal at any time within 24 hours.
  • Here, money can be quickly withdrawn as well as deposited.
  • Additionally, Lotus 365 offers 365-day-a-year WhatsApp customer help so you may solve any issue with WhatsApp as well.
  • You receive a bonus of 365 when you make your first investment of 100 here.
  • There are more than 300 live games available here.
  • There is no KYC required, and no paperwork needs to be submitted, either.
  • You currently have unique cash possibilities here.
  • You may also contact us for assistance any time of day or night.
  • There are currently more than 10 million active users.

How to Download the Lotus 365 App?

The first step you can do is to download this application. We have mentioned a few steps below to make it easier for you to download and install this application. 

lotus 365 app bonus
  1. First of all, to download this application you have to go to the official website just by clicking here.
  2. After reaching the official website you can start earning however, if you want to download the application scroll down to the bottom and download the application.
  3. As soon as you will click the download button your application will start downloading automatically.
  4. After downloading install the application but before that you should go to the settings in your smartphone and enable the “allow from unknown sources” option.
  5. After enabling it you can install the application on your smartphone.

How to create an account in Lotus 365?

After downloading the application next step is to create an account on Lotus 365 App. We have explained this process in simple words below. Do read to create an account on Lotus 365 App hassle-free.

lotus 365 app signup
  • Open any browser on your mobile device and switch on the data connection before using the Lotus365 Fantasy App to make money.
  • Click the search box button when the browser has opened.
  • You must now search on the Lotus 365 website.
  • The official Lotus 365 website will show up on your device’s screen when the search is completed.
  • You now need to click on the website’s name. The website’s home page will open when you accomplish this.
  • When the website’s main page loads, you are provided with the choice to log in or register for Lotus 365; select this option.
  • The next step is to provide your phone number in the inter-ten digit box that displays on the screen and then click the obtain OTP button that appears in the yellow box below.
  • The Lotus 365 India website will now send a one-time password to your provided phone number; enter it in the blank box that now appears on the screen. The password must now be put in the box that displays below it, as well as the password you entered before in the box below it.
  • The Lotus 365 In Register button that you see below should now be clicked.
  • Your account will be established on the Lotus 365 website once you have finished this step. 

How to Earn From Lotus 365 APK?

A lot of individuals are interested in learning how to play Lotus 365. In Lotus 365, there are several ways to make money, making it possible to make hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees with a single click. Let me explain how cricket gambling works.

Visit the official site of the company to see a schedule of several cricket matches. You must first choose a single match before selecting either “Back” or “Rhythm”.

  • Match Odds: This term refers to a player or team’s activities.
  • Lay: When the team loses, this option is used.
  • Back: Select this choice if your team succeeds.

These words are used in speculative sentences, such as “Back” if you believe the team will win. If the team succeeds, you will be able to make several times more money; but, if they fail, all of your money will be gone.

In addition, you must select “Lay” if you believe that the team will lose. This is how bets are placed. But before speculating, you must understand the intuition.

How to deposit money in Lotus365?

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Money deposits into it might be a little challenging. Let me explain the procedure to you:

  • Logging onto the Lotus365 website is the first step.
  • You then need to select the deposit option.
  • Copy the bank account number and IFSC code that you will now get.
  • You must then choose the account number option for transferring cash from PhonePe or Paytm.
  • After entering your Nickname, enter the IFSC code found on the account number.
  • Pay the money after this.
  • You will now be given a transaction number, which you should copy before visiting Lotus365’s website.
  • The transaction number must be entered there before the funds will be deposited after one minute.

How to withdraw money from Lotus 365?

Money withdrawal from Lotus 365 is not a particularly challenging process. The steps to withdraw money are as follows:

  • Visit the company’s website.
  • Select “Withdraw Fund” from the menu.
  • Specify your bank account in detail.
  • Enter the desired sum, then choose Withdraw.

You can withdraw money in this manner. However, take in mind that you cannot withdraw any winnings made utilizing several accounts. Additionally, your account will be banned for doing this.

Lotus 365 App Customer Care Number

We have explained what Lotus 365 is, how to make money with Lotus 365 App Free Download, and Lotus 365 App complete details in this post.

Despite this, you can call the Lotus 365 website’s official phone number if you run into any issues while playing the game or if you have any inquiries. The number is as follows.

Call the Lotus 365 Helpline at 7302841597.


This is all we have about Lotus 365 App. We have tried to touch every corner and aspect of this application. From explaining how to download to how to withdraw money we have covered everything. I hope you will like this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to earn money with Lotus 365 App?

Ans 1: Mainly this application works by betting on different games like cricket football tennis etc. So, you can earn money by betting your money.

Q.2 Is Lotus 365 App legal in India?

Ans 2: It is claimed that Lotus 365 is an authorized and genuine company in India. So, even though gambling is prohibited in India, Lotus 365 Company is flourishing. 

Q.3 How to play in Lotus 365 App?

Ans 3: There are many games you may play on Lotus 365 App to make money, like Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, Inside Out, Cricket, Football, etc. Any of these games allow you to take part and make money while having fun. 

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