Ludo Supreme Gold APK Download | Earn 1500 Rupees Daily From Ludo Supreme

Hello Friends, Ludo is the most common game played across all the geographies. It is a very popular game in countries like India, Spain, England and France.

In different countries, ludo has its own name by which it is known. The Indian name for ludo is Patang and in Spanish country, it’s called Pachisi. The English name for ludo is Uno and in the French language, it is known as Piquet.

Ludo is a very simple game which can be played by anyone anywhere. It is just one of the best ways to earn money online and make money with Ludo games. Every day, there are more and more people who are engaged in the game of ludo and earning thousand of rupees.

Today, we will introduce you to some important facts about this game and you will earn lots of money from it, which will allow you to make your own decisions with regard to playing it or not.

What Is Ludo Supreme Gold?

CashGrail Private Limited, the same Indian company that gave us the unique quiz game app Zupee Gold, launched the Ludo Supreme Gold app.

They have a proclivity for developing apps in which users can enjoy and earn money by participating in fascinating and simple challenging games.

The Ludo Supreme Gold app was created as a twist on the conventional board game, but with the added bonus of earning money.

The ludo ultimate gold app itself is rather simple, with a multiplayer platform for playing the game. The Ludo Gold Ultimate game or supreme ludo game can be played with friends, families, or even complete strangers on the net.

How To Download  And Install Ludo Supreme Gold?

The Ludo Supreme Gold game is not available on Google Play since it is a real money earning game, and Google Play does not support any kind of real money game, so you can download it from its official website via the URL provided below. To get the game, click the link below and then follow the steps below.

Download Ludo Supreme Gold App

Ludo Supreme Gold referral code – 75XXXWZ6U4 – to get the extra bonus

Step 1: Go to the official Website.

Step 2: Select the Download app option.

Step 3: And now install the Ludo Supreme Gold app on your mobile.

Step 4: Register for an Account

Step 5: Begin playing the game.

If the Unknown Sources option is not enabled on your phone, you will not be able to install the app unless you enable it in the settings.

How To Create An Account In The Ludo Supreme Gold?

To log in to the Ludo Supreme Gold app, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Ludo Supreme Gold application.
  • Now, click here to sign in.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Now input the OTP that was sent to your registered mobile number.

You are now finished. You’ll access your Ludo Supreme account. If you already have a Zupee Gold account, you can log in to the Ludo Supreme Gold app.

How To Get a Signup Bonus In The Ludo Supreme Gold App?

1. First, get the Ludo Supreme Gold Game APK.

2. Now, open the Ludo Supreme Gold app and sign up with your phone number.

3. Next, enter your name and language preference.

4. Immediately after signing up, you will receive Rs.10 in your deposit wallet (100% usable on games).

5. Now, go to Settings and select the Refer and Earn option, where you must enter the Ludo Supreme Gold Earning App Referral Code.

6. Return to the home page and play games with the sign-up bonus.

7. Games begin at Rs.1, allowing you to easily play with the sign-up bonus and withdraw all winnings to your bank account.

How To Add Money In The Ludo Supreme Gold App?

There are numerous tournaments happening in the Ludo Supreme Gold app, in which you could win up to lakhs of rupees simply by participating; but, in order to participate in this tournament, you must first add money to the Ludo Supreme Gold app’s wallet.

To contribute money to this app, follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Launch the app and then select the Settings option.
  • Step 2: Now go to my balance, where you will see all of the balances.
  • Step 3: Next, click the Add Cash button.
  • Step 4: You will now be presented with numerous payment options for adding money to your wallet, from which you can add quite so much cash as you desire from any given option.

How To Withdraw Cash From The Ludo Supreme Gold App?

It is natural to want to withdraw money after earning it. The minimum withdrawal amount for Ludo Supreme Gold is $60. You can withdraw your bank account once you have earned 60.

Looking for a step-by-step guideline for withdrawing? See the list below.

  • Simply launch the app and select My Balances.
  • Now, select Withdraw.
  • Enter the amount to be withdrawn.
  • To proceed, enter your bank account information or UPI ID.
  • Select the Withdraw option.
  • The funds will be put into your bank account right away.

Some Basic Features Of Ludo Supreme Gold

1. Supreme Ludo is a board game that can be played with family and friends.

2. Downloading Ludo Supreme Gold APK is free.

3. Supreme Ludo is a skill-based dice game.

4. The king of board games is Ludo Gold Supreme.

5. Ludo Gold Supreme is a mental exercise.

6. One form of puzzle game is Ludo Gold Supreme.

7. You can play with pals online with ludo ultimate gold apk Download.

8. Ludo gold supreme is a game for 2 to 4 players.

With a plethora of features, ludo supreme gold apk Download provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

The game and its versions are well-known in a variety of nations and under many names.

Several free tournaments are held around the clock, allowing you to compete at any time!

How To Play Games On Ludo Supreme Gold App?

To play it and use Ludo Supreme Gold hack techniques to generate money, you must first download the app from the official website.

Here’s how you get started with Ludo Supreme Gold;

  • Begin by going to the official Ludo Supreme Gold website and downloading the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Now, sign up for the Ludo Supreme Gold app with a legitimate phone number so that you may receive your One Time Password, or OTP.
  • Once correctly registered, you can search for Ludo tournaments using the Ludo Supreme Gold app. There are other tiny obstacles that take about 10 minutes to complete in order to complete the game.
  • To participate in the games, you must first make a deposit.
  • Choose an enticing tournament or challenge and begin playing the game.
  • Keep in mind that you only have roughly 15 seconds to make your move. Your turn is skipped if you do not make a legal move.
  • If the game is not completed within the specified time, the player with the highest score wins the game.

When playing the game, stay vigilant at all times. You are removed from the game if you ignore your turn three times. It’s not a large loss per se, but you have to invest money to play, so you might as well make the most of it.

Instructions and rules for the game of Ludo

  • It is not necessary to roll a 6 to begin playing.
  • You gain another turn if you roll a 6.
  • You will miss a turn if you roll a 6 three times in a row.
  • The opposition’s token cannot bite you if you landed on a safe box.
  • If an opposition’s token collides with your token, it will be returned to the starting place and all points on it will be lost.
  • You lose the game if you skip your turns more than twice.
  • You forfeit your turn if you do not play it within 10 seconds.
  • If you roll a 6 three times in a row, you must skip a turn.
  • If an opposition’s token lands in the same box like yours, you would lose all of the points that token has received.

Top Ludo Supreme Gold App Winning Strategies

Ludo, as we all know, is a really simple game. It comprises four coloured houses, each with four coins. The goal is to use your coins to run around the board and reach the finish line.

However, there still are a few Ludo Supreme Gold hacks tactics that you may use to create a winning strategy and finish first in the game. After all, it is a requirement for earning money, so here goes;

  1. To get out of the house and run in the race, you must roll sixes. Get a coin out of your residence as soon as you roll a six. Even if one is already on the game board, have another coin ready.
  2. This brings us to the second strategy, sprinting. When you have one coin rolling ahead, keep it moving until you reach the finish line. Completing the race for one coin earns you extra points.
  3. The remaining coins on the home slot are then brought into play. Determine the amount of slots that exist between your home slot and the opponent’s home slot. If you get two consecutive sixes on the dice, shift one of your home coins to an opponent’s home slot. It puts you one step closer to completing the race with another coin.
  4. Because rolling the dice will provide unpredictable results, plan ahead of time while your opponents are doing their turns.

Refer & Earn Ludo Supreme App – Get Rs.65 Paytm Cash

  1. First and foremost, download the LUDO Supreme Gold App by clicking here.
  2. Install and launch.
  3. Sign in with any Gmail account you have.
  4. Now, in the top right corner, click the “Settings” option.
  5. Select the “Refer & Earn” option in the Ludo Supreme Gold app.
  6. Once again, click “Redeem a Referral Code.”
  7. Enter the Ludo Supreme Referral Code to receive a Rs.10 welcome bonus.
  8. Navigate to the Ludo app wallet.
  9. Enter the sum of Rs.5 and enter the promo code GET5.
  10. You will receive an additional Rs.5 withdrawal cashback.
  11. Add Rs.15 again and enter Promo Code – NEW15 to earn Rs.15 more cashback in withdrawal amount.
  12. Now enter any tournament and play Ludo games.
  13. You will win Paytm cash from each competition, which will be transferred to your Paytm wallet immediately.
  14. Tell your friends about your Ludo game referral code.
  15. When your friends input your referral code, they will receive Rs.2 cashback immediately, and after adding money with the GET5 & NEW15 promo codes, they will receive an additional Rs.15 cashback in their withdrawal balance.

Pros and Cons of Ludo Supreme Gold

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Ludo Supreme.


  1. It’s simple to play.
  2. Both Android and iOS versions are available.
  3. Sign-up Bonus of Rs.10
  4. Withdrawal from a bank is possible.


  1. The Play Store does not have it.

Customer Service Number for Ludo Supreme Gold

There is no customer service number for Ludo Supreme Gold. However, you can still reach out to customer service at

You can also open a support ticket from the Ludo Supreme Gold app.

My Final Word

Friends, we told you today that you are playing the Ludo Supreme Gold Game to make money online.

Friends, these are the ways in which you may earn money by playing the Ludo Supreme game, and there are no other ways in which you can earn money from Ludo Supreme, so friends, we see you again with a new article in today’s topic.

Thank you in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Safe To Play Ludo Supreme Gold?

Yes, of course. It is completely safe and secure.

2. How Do I Get My Ludo Gold Account Deleted?

1. Open the email account associated with the application or website.
2 Now, draft an email and send it to In the Subject field, type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
3. Navigate to Account. Navigate to Settings and select Support Email. …
4. Access your Facebook account. Select Settings.

3. Can I Play Many Games At Once?

No! A player may only play one game at a time. If you register for more than one game, you will not be awarded a seat at the second table if the second game begins while you are still playing at the first.

4. Can I Utilize Bonus To Participate In Online Tournaments Or Games With My Friends?

Players can use up to 5% of their Bonus money to enter Online Tournaments. In Play with Friends games, there is no extra entry.

5. I Joined A Table To Play With My Friends; If I Leave Before The Game Begins, Will I Be Refunded My Entry Fee?

Yes, if you quit the game before it begins, you will be reimbursed for your entry fee.

6. What If I Exit The Game Before It Begins?

Online gaming: You cannot unregister a game. You can enter the game before three chance skips, and if you don’t, you are forced to quit, and your rank is determined by the order in which you leave the game.

Playing with Friends: If you abandon the game before it begins, you will receive an immediate refund. If you created the table, everyone who participated will be refunded their admission fee, and the table will be canceled.

7. I Went To My Friend’s Table To Play With Friends, And Then He Left The Game. What Happens To My Registration Fee?

If the inventor of the table departs before the game begins, everyone’s registration fee is returned. Once the game begins, it will continue. It makes no difference who leaves in between.

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