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We are here again with a Best Rummy app with unique features only for Teen Patti App lovers. The name of this app is Rummy Pub APK and it was recently launched, so you might have yet to hear about this great rummy game app which can make good money on daily basis for you.

Friends, just to teach you how you can earn money and play rummy simultaneously, here is an article regarding this. In this article, you’ll learn about this unique app and its features in-depth and also how to earn real cash money from this best.

Apart from enjoying the rummy game, players can earn money in different ways with this rummy app. This Rummy Pub app allows users to win ₹100 just by signing up and you can withdraw even a minimum amount of ₹50 instantly.

You can instantly transfer your real cash amount to your bank account. If you are looking to earn real cash here is your destination. Before starting the article, read the app’s terms and privacy policy before using it. So, let’s dig into it. 

Rummy Pub In Short.

In this fantastic Rummy Pub app, you will see various unique features which will make this app your favourite one. However, here you can get up to ₹100 signup bonus and a minimum ₹50 withdrawal option. Just by installing the app, you can enjoy all this prize money. 

App Name and download linkRummy Pub
PublisherRummy Game
App Size43 Mb
App Version3.6.7
Sign Up Bonus₹100
Rummy Pub App Refer and EarnCommission up to 30% for Lifetime
Rummy Pub Refer Code22850232

What is The Rummy Pub Game?

Rummy Pub game app is amongst the standout game platforms that offer various features. If you’re a Teen Patti lover and want to earn money by playing Rummy, this Rummy 100 rupees free app is designed for people like you to follow your dream. Along with ₹100 signup bonus, users can withdraw up to ₹50(minimum). 

Rummy Pub intro

Furthermore, in this Rummy 100 rupees free app, you can get a piggy bank bonus feature with a commission of up to 30%. Download the Rummy Pub app to enjoy all these beautiful features, and you can start playing and earning seamlessly. If you are still wondering how to download this Rummy 100 rupees free app, continue reading this article. 

How To Download Rummy Pub APK.

This Rummy Pub app was recently launched but is not available directly on the Play Store. Still, if you want to download the app on your device, follow the steps below. For your convenience, we have highlighted the download link from where you can easily download this Rummy Pub app. 

Steps to download the Rummy Pub app to get Rummy 100 rupees free are mentioned below:

  • Click here ( this will direct you to the page from where you can directly download the app) 
  • Select the download option available on the page.
  • Install the app by allowing permission. 

Your installation is complete; now, you can play and earn massive prizes from the Rummy Pub app. 

How To Register In the Rummy Pub App.

Register In Rummy Pub

In this fantastic Rummy Pub app, you can enjoy a signup bonus of up to ₹100. If you are still confused and thinking about registering in the Rummy 100 rupees free app, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Install the Rummy Pub App on your device. (Above link will redirect you to the web browser). 
  • Register in the app by entering your mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP that you’ll receive on your given mobile phone number.
  • Complete your KYC by submitting your email id and your mobile number. 
  • After completing your registration process, go to the home page and check your wallet. 

Within 24hrs your wallet will be credited with a signup bonus of ₹100.

Rummy Pub APK Features.

As I have already mentioned above, this Rummy Pub app is embedded with outstanding features which make this Rummy app unique. So let’s read about these features in depth. 

rummy pub features
  • Instant Withdrawal- This Rummy 100 rupees free app allows you to withdraw your earnings instantly. You can transfer that to your bank or UPI account with just one click. 
  • Huge Bonus- While playing the game, you can get different types of bonuses like signup and piggy bonuses that let you stay engaged while paying. 
  • Quick Support- If you encounter any problem while using this Rummy Pub app, you can complain to the support system. Customer service workers are always eager to serve their customers. 
  • Notifications- If any update or new feature is added to the app, you will be informed by the app notifications.
  • Availability of different games- In the following passage, we’ll read about the available games in the Rummy Pub app rather than Rummy. 
  • Multiple Income source- Players can earn money by signing up, referring the app to their friends and family, and promoting it. 
  • Security- The Rummy 100 rupees free app ensures that all your entered data is safe and no third party member can have access to that. 

Available Game IN Rummy Pub.

Rummy Pub all games

Four versions of the rummy game are available for rummy lovers on this gaming platform. Players can play Rummy every day to receive daily bonuses.

However, players can play Rummy with friends and withdraw winning amounts anytime. Moreover, you can get exclusive and free newbie gifts on this Rummy 100 rupees free app. 

  • Rematch Rummy
  • Rematch between 2 Persons 
  • Rummy between 2 Persons
  • Traditional Rummy

How Do I Add Money to the Rummy Pub App?

How to Add Money In Rummy pub App

If you want to earn more money rather than enjoy bonuses, you can switch to the VIP version of this Rummy Pub app. In upgrading to the VIP version, you will get the sophisticated benefits of this Rummy 100 rupees free app.

However, you can enjoy and earn money 24*7. Moreover, users should be something other than Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala residents. 

Furthermore, to be a VIP user, you first need to add money to your rummy app’s wallet. You’ll receive 100% Cashback later on from the company. Below are the steps by which you can add money. 

  • Open the Rummy Pub App
  • Click on the add money option available on the home page. 
  • Select your payment option, as there are five payment options available. 
  • Before making a transaction, you must complete your KYC by entering your registered phone number and email id. 

How Can I Withdraw Money IN Rummy Pub Game?

How Can I Withdraw Money IN Rummy Pub Game

Imagine you have earned a lot of money by playing and referring the app to your friends and family. Now the question arises about how to withdraw that amount or transfer that earnings to your bank account.

Before covering the withdrawal process, there is a note for all the Rummy 100 rupees free app users. While playing this rummy game, you can face financial risk and become game additive.

So it would be best if you kept yourself safe. You are restricted from playing this rummy game if you are a minor (below 18). 

So now, by following these steps, you can withdraw your earnings. 

  • Open the Rummy Pub app. 
  • Select the withdrawal option to transfer the payment.
  • Enter your amount in the box below. 
  • Enter your bank account details. 
  • After completing the process of entering details, you will be funded with your earnings as soon as possible. 

Invite Friends And Earn Money in the Rummy Pub.

Invite Friends And Earn Money in the Rummy Pub

As we know, the users will be credited with prizes by referring to and promoting the app. However, you can get a commission of up to ₹20 per referral.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of people who join using your referral link. On average, you can earn up to ₹10000 to ₹20000 every month just by referring the app to your known ones. 

Furthermore, if a person joins the game with your referral link and adds money to their wallet, you will benefit. You can get commissions of up to 5% on every referral.

The higher the number of people who join via your referral link, the higher your earnings will be. So what are you waiting for? Share your referral link with your loved one and invite them to join the Rummy 100 rupees free app quickly. 

How to make money with Pub Rummy App.

There are numerous alternative ways available for users to earn money. You must be thinking about what those ways are. Let me tell you about those ways in brief:

  1. By just playing games available in the app, you can earn money. Plus, a player can earn money in the app by completing daily challenges.
  1. You can earn a lot of money by referring to and promoting the Rummy Pub app.
  1. The best part of the referring system is that referring has no limitations, and you don’t have to invest for referring purposes. 

Gullak Bonus

Gullak Bonus is one of the best features that make this Rummy 100 rupees free app extraordinary. With this piggy bonus feature, users can get more prizes and bonuses. Players can withdraw money from the piggy bonus bank at a minimum of ₹10.

However, one limitation is that users can’t break their piggies until one month after joining. If they do this, they will not get any amount they have earned. So let your gullak complete its maturing period safely. 

Customer Support in Rummy Pub Game

If you face any problem related to the gameplay or wallet withdrawal facilities, feel free to file your complaint at

Rather than this, if you forget your password or anything else you face while using the Rummy 100 rupees free app, you can contact customer support. They all are eager to solve all your queries and are available 24*7.


In a nutshell, this Rummy Pub is a brainstorming app published by Rummy Game. Here you can play games and earn cash every time you play by showing your gaming skills.

Apart from earning, you can play daily challenges. Last but not least, always remember to go through the terms and policies of the Rummy Pub app because prevention is always better than cure.

This article helped you to win real cash seamlessly by playing your favourite game, Rummy. Stay tuned for more such excellent articles. 

Rummy Pub App-related FAQs

Q. What is the Signup bonus people will receive in Rummy Pub Apk?

Ans. Rummy Pub Apk will reward you ₹100 after completing the signup process. 

Q. What is the minimum withdrawal amount we get after installation of the Rummy Pub app? 

Ans. You are allowed to withdraw up to ₹50.

Q. From where to download the Rummy Pub app? 

Ans. You can download the Rummy Pub app from the link mentioned in the article above. 

Q. Is there any kind of limitation on the number of people to share our referral link? 

Ans. There are no limitations. You can share and invite unlimited numbers via your referral link. 

Q. Is all our entered data safe? 

Ans. Yes, no third-party member can have access to your entered data. 

Q. How much commission does an individual get after referring to the Rummy Pub app? 

Ans. An individual will get up to 30% commission on every referral they make. 

Q. How much is the minimum amount of money a player can withdraw from the gullak bank of the Rummy Pub app? 

Ans. The minimum amount of money a player can withdraw is ₹10. 

Q. What is the maturing period of the gullak bank in the Rummy Pub app? 

Ans. In the Rummy Pub app, gullak bank takes at least one month to mature completely. 

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